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Our specialist team of designers, programmers and search marketing consultants, IT consultants, system engineer deliver a quality service that demonstrates their years of experience in the internet industry. Our team have developed excellent products to meet the requirements of our clients and to compete the market.

Exam Generation system

Exam Generation System (EGS) is a web-based/Desktop question management and exam generation tool. It provides a robust and centralized platform to manage your question databases, exams, and result reports. The system is a true rule-based exam generation system designed to meet the requirements of regulatory authorities. The EGS allows you to create exam structures that meet your examination requirements, such as random question generation, random question order, random distracters, time limitation, re-entry restriction, tagging, question feedback, mastery scoring, and multi-lingual support (Urdu and English).

Academic Management System

Academic Management System is a school management system which includes hassle free fee management software that helps you to go paperless by reducing 90% of your manual work which saves your administrative staff with a lot of valuable time. Academic Management System aimed to provide complete computerized operations in any school. Students can be managed through Bio-Data (R No. Allotment), Attendance, Fees, Examination and Leaving modules. The Academic Management System provides managing area for admins, employees, teachers, students to utilize the features of the system. It offers you with the most, easy and user friendly experience. With its sleek and simplistic design, you can easily manage the constantly changing enrollments of schools and colleges in the best way possible.

Learning Management System

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a web-based, online system that organizes launches and tracks e-learning content, in addition to managing users, enrolments, and learning records. It is the web-based application specifically designed for the needs of the educational institutes. As an essential part of our integrated, enterprise system offerings, the LMS allows trainers to implement entire training footprints including e-learning, classroom, and simulation events as well as assessment and testing. Our LMS is user friendly and may be customized by the user to improve operating efficiencies. The scalability of this product accounts for future organizations needs and can be fully integrated with existing software.

Secure DVD Book System

Our DVD Book, learning idea is based on the use of digital media in learning process that helps the students to learn easily through interactive and easy ways. Secure Book DVD works on the license based requirements of the clients. We have made this system secure enough that clients can control the validity of the DVD for the specific time with the specific system generated license keys.

E-Commerce Products

Our E-Commerce Products have everything you need to launch, run and manage a successful e-commerce business. To find the best e-commerce software for small business, we researched a wide range of e-commerce software and shopping carts from many different sources, and then tested them out ourselves to give our clients. In addition to providing you with an online storefront capabilities, the software, inventory management, back-end functionality, marketing tools, customer relationship management (CRM) and more. These are also super easy to use and requires zero tech skills, so you can get your online store up and running instantly.

ERP Solutions

Our ERP systems typically carry out financial and business planning functions, which might formerly have been carried out by many smaller standalone applications. Our ERP Products delivers the proven, comprehensive financial management capabilities required to grow a changing, complex business. These takes your business beyond traditional accounting software by streamlining operations across your entire organization and providing you with the real-time visibility you need to make better, faster decisions. Our products improves the workforce productivity with anytime, anywhere access, Drive better, faster decision-making with real-time data and reporting, and personalized dashboards and lowers the cost of ownership by eliminating upfront and ongoing IT expenditures, and delivering automatic product upgrades.

Products Prices

Our mission is providing best services and make permanent relationship with our clients.

XpertLinks Products and Licensing Rates
Item # Module Trial 6 Months 1 Year 2 Years
1. Exam Generation System (EGS)
Desktop Application
Free Rs. 6,000 Rs. 11,000 Rs. 17,000
2. Acadmic Management System (AMS)
Desktop Application (Single User)
Free Rs. 8,000 Rs. 15,000 Rs. 23,000
3. Learning Management System (LMS)
(Web Application)Including (Hosting+ Online Data backup)
Free Rs. 10,000 Rs. 20,000 Rs. 30,000
4. Item 1 + Exam Generation System (EGS)
Each Machine
Free Rs. 6,000 +
Rs. 11,000 +
Rs. 22,500
5. Item 1 + Item 3 (Local & Live Synchronization)
+ Data backup + Free hosting.
Free Rs. 25,000 Rs. 40,000 Rs. 65,000
6. Complete Education Suite
(Item 4 + Item 5)
Free Rs. 33,000 Rs. 54,500 Rs. 87,000

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